Steve Torrence

Let out the beast. 😤

React104 teamed up with Steve Torrence, the 4x NHRA Top Fuel World Champion, for 5 events in 2022 to document the inner workings of one of the most dominant drag racing teams of all time.

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  • Additional footage from NHRA.TV and NHRA on FOX.
“React104 delivers an incredible product EVERY time. The creativity is second to none and the expertise of capturing the shot has allowed us to tell the unique story of our race team.”
Steve Torrence headshot
Steve Torrence
4x NHRA World Champion

Hitting on all cylinders.

Immersive cinematography capturing the raw emotion of being entrenched in the heat of battle at an NHRA national event are staples of the React104 offering, and collaborating with a team with the notoriety of Torrence Racing pushed the productions to another level.

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  • DaVinci Resolve
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Steve Torrence straps into his Top Fuel Dragster
Steve Torrence's Top Fuel Dragster in the staging lanes
Steve Torrence walks towards his Top Fuel Dragster
Steve Torrence's Top Fuel Dragster launches off the starting line
Steve Torrence looks at the camera as he walks towards his Top Fuel Dragster

Locked in. 🔒

React104 and Steve Torrence will team up once again in 2023 as the Texan sets his sights on a fifth NHRA Top Fuel World Championship.

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